Time to Fly (band)

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Time to Fly
Origin Port Orchard, Washington, USA
Genres Emo
Indie rock
Years active 2001–2005
Labels Rocketstar Recordings

Time to Fly was a rock band based in Port Orchard, Washington, and the greater Seattle area. It consisted of four members: Tyler Lewis (vocals and guitar), Kyle Buckingham (bass), Danny Lewis (drums), and David Nichols (guitar and vocals).

Time to Fly released their album Birth. Work. Death in 2002 (produced by Aaron Sprinkle) under RocketStar Recordings, which features twelve songs. After the release of the debut album, the band performed a number of shows to promote it, which caught attention from locals around the Seattle area, and creating a solid[clarification needed] fan-base. Time to Fly also worked on numerous[clarification needed] songs after the first album's release, however, only three songs surfaced publicly("Sally Sheppard", "Devon Varmega", and "Good Art vs. Bad Art"). The songs are recorded in a less polished, boot-legged manner, in contrast to the clearer sounding first album. It is likely that the three tracks are indeed song demos, recorded for later reference, but there is no definitive proof (the three tracks are titled under an album name Summer Demons that was recorded in July 2003). The first, and only album, Birth. Work. Death, leads around the concept of a struggling working-class society, and focuses around the life of a working individual, and his or her family. The album's songs also focus on depression, greed, and breaking free of the hellish business world. After the first album, Time to Fly seemed to slightly change, in terms of their music, this reflected in the style, and experimentation portrayed by the three songs recorded in July 2003. The song "I Went Out to Colorado in 1972" was featured as a music track in the snowboarding sports game Amped 3, an exclusive for Xbox 360 released in 2004. The game, developed by Indie Built, featured a myriad of indie and alternative songs, including the lone track off of Birth. Work. Death. In the years after the band's initial release, the group went on hiatus, for reasons unknown. It wasn't until December 2012 that Time to Fly would yet again take the stage in performing their first album in its entirety, including the three tracks off of Summer Demons. The live performance at the Vera Project, on December 15, 2012, commemorated the ten-year anniversary of Birth. Work. Death. Time to Fly has not performed since, and there is no evidence of any musical continuation from the band.


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