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Below is the milestones of Turkish radio TV broadcasting. The oldest broadcaster in Turkey is TRT, the public broadcaster, which now broadcasts 6 nationwide, 6 regional, 1 local and 2 international radio channels as well as 11 TV nationwide and 2 international TV channels.[1] But after the 1990s, many private radio and TV companies began broadcasting, some nationwide and some local.

Date Event
6.5.1927 First radio broadcast in İstanbul
8.9.1936 Radio broadcasting monopoly transferred to Turkish PTT
22.5.1940 Law (3837) about transferring Radio broadcasting monopoly to General Directorate of Press (Old Turkish:Matbuat Umum Müdürlüğü)
3.9.1952 First television channel opening ITU TV
2.1.1964 Turkish Radio Television law (359) establishing General Directorate of Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT)
31.1.1968 First monochrome TV broadcast on VHF band
16.5.1969 First live broadcast from a location out of Ankara where the continuity studio is. ( A program about the anniversary of Atatürk’s arriaval in Samsun.)
29.2.1972 Law (1568) about the neutrality of TRT.
26.8.1972 First international live broadcast from Munich Olympics
9.9.1974 First 24-hour radio broadcast
22.3.1975 TRT represents Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest. (Turkish performer takes the last place. But in later years, Turkish performers receive better results: in 1997 third place, in 2003 first place, in 2004 fourth place and in 2010 second place.)
14.1.1983 Radio television law (2954) establishing Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK)
15.3.1984 First color TV (PAL system)
1.10.1984 First stereophonic broadcast in FM radio transmitters (Zenith GE pilot tone system)
11.7.1986 Protocol with PTT about satellite transmission
15.9.1986 A second channel in TV, first utilization of UHF band
21.1.1989 Law (3517) about transferring radio and TV transmitters to PTT. (By this law hundreds of Radio and TV transmitters and more than 1300 operating personnel were transferred to PTT on 28.2.1989)
20.5.1989 First private TV in Turkey (using satellite broadcasting, DBS) The name of the company: Magic box and the name of the channel: Star
3.5.1993 Amendment of the Turkish constitution (art. 133) to enable private radio TV broadcasting
10.6.1994 Law (4000) to issue Turk Telekom from PTT. Along with telephone infrastructure, both the transmitters and the satellite infrastructure in Turk Telekom. The transfer on 24.4.1995
11.8.1994 First Turkish satellite. Turksat 1B operated by Türksat, an affiliated company of PTT (Turk Telekom). Both TRT and the private companies began using satellite both for DBS and for TVRO/RRO.
6.7.1999 Law (4397) about transferring radio and TV transmitters back to TRT. (By this law more than 2000 transmitters and more than 1500 operating personnel were transferred to TRT on 31.12.1999.)
21.4.2005 According to law (5335) Türksat is also responsible in cable television distribution.[2]

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