History of public transport authorities in Manchester

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The history of public transport authorities in Manchester details the various organisations that have been responsible for the public transport network in and around Manchester, England, since 1824.


  • On 1 January 1824, the first horse bus service started by John Greenwood (I), the proprietor of the Pendleton Toll Gates
  • On 1 March 1865, the Manchester Carriage Company was formed which brought together a number of horse bus operators in the Manchester area.
  • In 1880 this became the Manchester Carriage and Tramways Company with some further consolidation, including the Manchester Suburban Tramways Company.
  • On 7 June 1901, Manchester Corporation Tramways Department started electric tram operations, as the public operation. The former Carriage Company was wound up in 1903
  • In 1929 the name was changed to Manchester Corporation Transport Department to reflect the changing to motor buses
  • In mid-1966 the name of this public operation was changed to Manchester City Transport
  • On 1 November 1969, control of MCT and other surrounding council transport departments were transferred to South East Lancashire North East Cheshire PTE, or SELNEC PTE
  • On 1 April 1974, the operating name became Greater Manchester Transport, and its coverage was expanded.
  • During 1974 the new operating name for the authority was adapted to GMPTE: Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive. This lasted until 2011.
  • On 27 February 1986, this operation was separated from public ownership, and became Greater Manchester Buses Limited.
  • On 13 December 1993, GMBL was further split to GMB North Ltd, and GMB South Ltd, on an approximate geographic basis. Just under 4 months later they were sold to employee buy out teams
  • In February 1996, GMB South was sold to Stagecoach Group, becoming Stagecoach Manchester.
  • In March 1996, GMB North was sold to First Bus, eventually becoming First Greater Manchester.[1]
  • In April 2011. GMPTE became TfGM; Transport for Greater Manchester.[2]