Timewave Zero (album)

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Timewave Zero
Studio album by Grendel
Released April 20th, 2012
Genre Aggrotech, Futurepop
Label Infacted Rec. (EU)
Metropolis (US)
Grendel chronology
Chemicals + Circuitry
(2009)Chemicals + Circuitry2009
Timewave Zero
Professional ratings
Review scores
COMA Music Magazine(Favorable)[1]

Timewave Zero is the fourth album release by Dutch Aggrotech band, Grendel.[2] It was released in Europe on April 20, 2012 through Infacted Recordings[3] and in the United States through Metropolis Records.[4] It features a re-recorded version of their 2009 track "Chemicals + Circuitry".[5] The track 'Deep Waters' features Dutch singer Lis van den Akker from Dutch act Misery. A music video was released for Timewave Zero on YouTube.

Track listing[edit]

2."Conflict Instigation"5:48
3."Timewave Zero"5:02
4."EPR // EDP"5:02
5."Wheels in Motion"6:45
6."Out of My Mind"5:43
7."Deep Waters" (feat. Lis van den Akker)5:12
8."Neon City Nights"7:37
9."Chemicals + Circuitry" (v. 2012)5:22
Limited Edition Bonus Disc
1."Conflict Instigation" (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)4:27
2."Conflict Instigation" (Siva Six Remix)5:32
3."Conflict Instigation" (Terrolokaust Remix)6:06
4."Timewave Zero" (Shiv-R Remix)5:35
5."Timewave Zero" (Modulate Remix)4:47
6."Timewave Zero" (C-Lekktor Remix)4:26
7."Out of My Mind" (Vindicare Remix)5:09
8."Out of My Mind" (Freakangel Remix)4:18
9."Out of My Mind" (XP8 Remix)5:50
10."EPR // EDP" (Manufactura Remix)5:38
11."EPR // EDP" (Dym Remix)4:14
12."Deep Waters" (Aqualite Remix)4:53
13."Deep Waters" (Consumer Junk Remix)5:51
14."Wheels in Motion" (AR-12 Remix)4:28
15."Wheels in Motion" (Symbiote Remix)6:52


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