Timothy Donnelly

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Timothy Donnelly
Born June 3, 1969
Providence, Rhode Island
Occupation professor
Nationality American
Alma mater The Johns Hopkins University;
Columbia University
Genre Poetry

Timothy Donnelly (born June 3, 1969 Providence, Rhode Island)[1] is an American poet.


He earned his BA from The Johns Hopkins University and his MFA in Poetry from Columbia University's MFA Program for Poets & Writers. He is an associate professor at Columbia University, and has been poetry editor of Boston Review since 1996.[2]

Donnelly is the author of Twenty-Seven Props for a Production of Eine Lebenszeit (Grove Press, 2003), and The Cloud Corporation (Wave Books, 2010).[3]

Awards and honors[edit]


Poetry collections[edit]

  • Donnelly, Timothy (2003). Twenty-seven props for a production of Eine Lebenszeit. New York: Grove Press. 
  • The Cloud Corporation (chapbook) (hand held editions, 2008)
  • The Cloud Corporation. Wave Books. 21 September 2010. pp. 13–. ISBN 978-1-933517-47-6. 
  • Three Poets. Minus A Press. 2012.  (coauthored with John Ashbery and Geoffrey G. O'Brien)
  • "Hymn to Life" (chapbook) (Factory Hollow Press, 2014)
  • "Poems for Political Disaster" (Chapbook). Boston Review. January 2017. ISBN 978-1946511010.

List of poems[edit]

Title Year First published Reprinted/collected
Diet Mountain Dew 2016 Donnelly, Timothy (March 21, 2016). "Diet Mountain Dew". The New Yorker. 92 (6): 72–73. 


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