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Tini may refer to:

  • Tiny Internet Interface, a microcontroller that includes the facilities necessary to connect to the Internet
  • Titanium nitride, an extremely hard ceramic material, often used as a coating to improve surface properties
  • Tini, Iran, a village in Kermanshah Province, Iran
  • Tini (album), 2016 debut solo album by Martina Stoessel
  • Tinì Cansino (born 1959), stage name of Photina Lappa, Greek actress and television personality, mainly active in Italy
  • Tini Kerei Taiaroa (1846–1934), New Zealand personality and community worker
  • Tini Wagner (1919-2004), Dutch freestyle swimmer
  • Clelia Tini (born 1992), Sammarinese swimmer
  • Jody Tini (born 1976), New Zealand female basketball player
  • Martina Stoessel (born 1997), Argentine actress and singer known for Violetta