Tiny Troubles

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Tiny Troubles
Poster - Tiny Troubles 01.jpg
Directed by George Sidney
Produced by Jack Chertok for MGM
Written by Hal Law
Robert A. McGowan
Cinematography Alfred Gilks
Distributed by MGM
Release date
  • February 18, 1939 (1939-02-18)
Running time
10' 18"
Country United States
Language English

Tiny Troubles is a 1939 Our Gang short comedy film directed by George Sidney. It was the 176th Our Gang short (177th episode, 88th talking short, 89th talking episode, and 8th MGM produced episode) that was released.


Alfalfa has a loud crying baby brother that he wants to get rid of. When out with the gang he sees what he thinks is a baby in a carriage. He puts his baby brother in that carriage and takes this "baby" back home. But the baby happens to be a midget who lives a life of crime named "Lightfingered Lester". Lester initially plays along but causes all sorts of havoc soon after including drinking beer, taunting the gang, and attempting to rob the house. Someone else finds the baby and brings him to the police station. The police then raid Alfalfa's home and take the gang in when they find Lester there. They are all taken in. They send Lester back to jail while giving the gang probation.


The MGM Our Gang series began its slow but steady decline with this film that many considered sub-standard. The notion that the kids would mistake the obviously mature Lester for a tiny baby is as hard to swallow as the rest of the story.[1] Leonard Maltin stated on "The Little Rascals: The Life and Times of Our Gang" that this film was the first of the really bad MGM Our Gang episodes and just a preview of what was to come. He even stated that this film was worse than even the worst of the 81 Hal Roach episodes and any of the 7 MGM episodes that preceded this. The series only goes downhill from here.


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