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Not to be confused with El Tiro de Gracia (album).
For the 1969 Argentine film, see Coup de Grâce (1969 film).
Tiro de Gracia
Origin  Chile, Santiago de Chile
Genres Hip hop
Years active 1993 (1993)–2007
2007 (2007)–present
Labels EMI Odeon
Members Juan Sativo
Past members Lenwa Dura
DJ Gabriel
Camilo Cintolesi

Tiro de Gracia is a Chilean hip hop group formed by MCs Juan Sativo and Lenwa Dura, they began their career on the early 1990s, considered one of the most popular and influential in Latin American outside of Mexico.

"Tiro de Gracia" was known for their raw lyrical style. They initially performed using cassette tapes looped by "DJ Raft" former member of "La Pozze Latina". During this time the group recorded two independent albums titled "Arma Calibrada" and "Homosapiens", which were distributed hand to hand on the local hip hop scene. "Tiro de Gracia" started getting notoriety for their live performances. At the beginning of 1996 the group was featured on a Hip Hop TV show, which opened up the doors for their first major deal. Within six months, the group had a new demo titled "El Demo Final" with "Juan Sativo", "Lengua Dura", "Zaturno", "Adonai", "Camilo", and featured artists such as "Quique Neira", "DJ Notsag" y "DJ Barsa". The demo was presented to EMI music group, and by November the group had signed their first major deal. "Ser humano" was released on 1997 after three months of recording. They first gained mainstream popularity in 1997, thanks to their hit "El Juego Verdadero" ("The real game"), and are also known for many other recordings, such as "Viaje Sin Rumbo", "Melaza" and "Chupacabras".


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