Titan Empire

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Titan Empire
Developer(s) Muse Software
Publisher(s) Muse Software
Platform(s) Apple II
Release 1983
Genre(s) Strategy
Mode(s) Single-player

Titan Empire is a 1983 computer strategy/action game developed and published by Muse Software. It was developed for the Apple II.


The player controls a ship resembling the Starship Enterprise. A militant government originating from a settlement on Saturn's moon Titan have started attacking neighboring moons and planets and taking over their government, similar to the expanse of Germany and the Nazi party during World War II. It is the player's objective to stop the spread of the faction and free planets conquered by them. The player does this by bombing enemy planets and attacking enemy ships.

While the gameplay is strategically engaging, the game suffers from the limits of the home computer power. From time to time, when there is a great deal of content to render and trajectories to calculate, the game can slow to a crawl and become very "jumpy", sometimes taking a second or more to calculate and render a single screen (normally, 12 frame/s is considered a minimum acceptable frame rate).


The starship the player controls comes with shields. If the player activates the shields and flies directly towards the Sun, they would have enough time to beam down one or two colonists before their ship exploded, thus allowing them to colonize the Sun. This is of very limited use.


Computer Gaming World described Titan Empire as an "overall playable, but sometimes frustrating game".[1]


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