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The Tiyakad is a Philippine cultural game[citation needed] and recreation[citation needed] uses bamboo hewn or tree branches that intersect floors prominent in the legs and rest intervals on the ground. The game played using up to 10 feet bamboo tree while 20th century Filipino recreation exaggerates, the stilt wood pursue more high tree branches to be played. Basically, tiyakad is a racing game usually for typical hoping. About Spanish centennial recreation, the new player uses half of coconut shells which have had widow with a mole in its hole for its fortress. This was called Kadang-Kadang means “simple play”.


Each team has 10 members or depend on many agreed. The first players on each team will use two stilt / kadang that each one per foot. Participants aligned behind the line first whipping in facing beam. Two or more teams with contrasting as many will be involved.


  • In the signal, the first players to walk with using stilt / kadang, whip to pole and back, pass the next player standing in line proceeding.
  • The first players walk in the back of the lane members without stilt which he pass to next player, while the second player will go forward.
  • The first team return in the usual place or position players are considered to be champion.