Committee for the Scientific Survey of Air Defence

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The Committee for the Scientific Survey of Air Defence (CSSAD),[1] well known as the Tizard Committee (after Henry Tizard), was a pre-World War II scientific mission to study the needs of anti-aircraft warfare in the UK. The Committee is best known for its role in shepherding the development of radar and the building of the Chain Home radar array and its associated control centres. Winston Churchill credited the success of the Battle of Britain to this work. Tizard would play another invaluable service to the Allied war effort, related to CSSAD. He helped convince Prime Minister Churchill to hand over Britain's most important secret weapons technology to the Americans with no strings attached. The Tizard Mission (officially the British Technical and Scientific Mission) delivered the technology to the American in a simple black metal box at the height of the Battle of Britain, as Tizard's the Chain Home network was making it possible for the RAF to save Britain.


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