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1939 sheet music cover, Paramount Music, New York.

"To You" is a 1939 song composed by Tommy Dorsey with Benny Davis and Ted Shapiro. The song was a top 10 hit on the Billboard charts.

Other recordings[edit]

"To You" was recorded by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra with vocals by Ray Eberle and released as an RCA Bluebird 78. Glenn Miller also performed the song at the 1939 Carnegie Hall Concert, which was released in 1958 by RCA Victor on the album The Glenn Miller Carnegie Hall Concert. "To You" appeared as part of a medley by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra, paired with "Stairway to the Stars", both sung by Ray Eberle at the live performance at Carnegie Hall on October 6, 1939.[1] Glenn Miller recorded "To You" for Bluebird records on May 9, 1939 released as Bluebird 10276-B, with the "A" side, "Stairway To The Stars" both sung by Ray Eberle.[2] Ella Fitzgerald and Paul Whiteman also recorded the song with Joan Edwards on vocals. The song was featured by Harry Richman in the International Casino Revue Hello Beautiful in 1939.

Harry James recorded the song with Frank Sinatra on vocals.

Billboard charts[edit]

Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra released the song as a Victor 78 in 1939, 26234. According to the database,[1] "To You" reached no. 10 on the Billboard chart, staying on the chart for 7 weeks.


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