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Beginning in the summer of 2006, To The Fallen Records moved in just six weeks from the initial concept to the manufacturing of their debut CD: To The Fallen Records Presents Hip-Hop: Volume I, which was shortly followed by To The Fallen Records Presents Country: Volume I and To The Fallen Records Presents Rock: Volume I.

Gilfillan says he founded the label, in part, because he hoped the music would “give some insight to civilians, because there’s such a wide disconnect. It’s a great opportunity to bridge that gap.” [1]

The label followed these releases, culled from current and veteran soldiers from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and National Guard, with their first mixed-genre compilation, To The Fallen Records Presents: Say Goodbye, the first album in their "The Ten" series. On this album are Country tracks by Sean Bennett and Matt Eusner; Hard Rock tracks by American Hitmen, Dead End Echo and The Wake Effect; Soft Rock/Acoustic tracks by Stephen Covell and Josh Hisle; and Hip Hop tracks by Joe Roos, Arez featuring Soldier Hard and Dirty Boi Vets. All the artists featured have served in Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom.

In addition, the label gives back to the military by donating a percentage of proceeds to organizations dedicated to honoring the fallen, or assisting disabled soldiers and their families. To The Fallen Records has been featured on CBS Evening News, NPR,[2] Rolling Stone,[3] The New York Times Magazine [1] and the UK's The Sunday Times and Guardian, among others.


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