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Todaro is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Agostino Todaro (1818–1892), Italian botanist
  • Frank Todaro (died 1944), Italian-American mobster
  • Harris-Todaro Model, economic model used in development economics and welfare economics
  • Joseph Todaro, Jr., alleged Buffalo, New York organized crime figure
  • Joseph Todaro, Sr., prominent Buffalo, New York businessman, and alleged Mafia boss
  • George J. Todaro, Sr., NYC plaintiff's attorney for wiretapping case Benanti v. United States of America, Supreme Court 1957
  • George J. Todaro, Jr (1936 ---), American scientist, originator of oncogene theory for which M. Bishop and H. Varmus were awarded the Nobel prize in 1989, Member of the National Academy of Sciences, CEO/CSO multiple biotech companies including Oncogene, Genetic Systems, and Pathogenesis in Seattle, Wa.
  • Michael P. Todaro (1941 ---), American economist, author of the textbook Economic Development in the Third World
  • Thomas Todaro, retired City of Savannah, Georgia Administrator and businessman, and an alleged Italian-American mobster (LCN)
  • Salvatore Todaro (died 1929), Cleveland, Ohio, mobster