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Todd Taylor is an American five string banjo player. He held the Guinness Book of World Records title for "world's fastest banjo". In a demonstration of speed play he played "Dueling Banjos" by himself January 31, 2007 in Palm Bay, Florida at an event for Guinness Book of World records. Listed in the Guinness Calendar for 2008 January 31/February 1. He plays a number of styles but gets many YouTube hits for his banjo renditions of popular and classic rock tunes.

Biography and history[edit]

Todd Taylor began touring the Bluegrass circuit with his brother. Together they were known as The Taylor Twins. They toured The Bluegrass Circuit and made several television appearances. Todd has also toured and gone on several shows by himself. Owing to confusion with other "Taylor Twins" he usually appears under his own name at this time. He has played and toured with other notable bluegrass players including Bill Monroe, Carl Story, Jim & Jesse.

They appeared on the Grand Ole Opry, with the Roy Acuff Nashville Network, and Nashville On The Road Show with major country acts.

Todd Became the first banjo player to take the Banjo to the Rock-n-Roll worldwide Top-40 countdown, with his remake of the classic rock tune "Free Bird" AKA Taylor's Freebird.

Todd has been nominated four times for a Grammy Award.

Notable appearances[edit]

  • Live with Regis and Kathy Lee: "Banjo and guitar picking sensations, the Taylor Twins, will perform this Thursday on the daytime television show, 'Live With Regis & Kathie.'" Article from: PR Newswire Article date: April 18, 1989


  • Something Different (2000)
  • Fast Ride (2000)
  • Blazing Bluegrass Banjo (2003)
  • Taylor Made (2005)
  • 3-five-N (2006)
  • Bringin' It... Home (2008)
  • Diversity (2010)

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