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Toetag Pictures Inc.
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Toetag Pictures (TTP) is an independent horror movie studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is known for its use of copious violence and gore.

Pre-TTP (2001-2004)[edit]

In 2001, Fred Vogel directed August Underground with defunct production company Absu Films. Vogel self-released 200 copies of the film on VHS tape in 2002.

Vogel, Jerami Cruise, Michael Schneider, Christie Whiles, Shelby Jackson, and Killjoy then began production of the film's sequel, August Underground's Mordum. Schneider left the crew shortly after the wrap of production on Mordum. He released his own cut of the film, subtitled "The Maggot Cut", and the official cut of the film was released on DVD in 2003. Over time, Mordum gained considerable controversy and was listed as the Sickest Film Ever Made by blogger Horror Brain on[1] The film was banned in several countries due to its extremely graphic nature.[citation needed] Despite, or possibly due to, the controversy over the film, it was met with considerable critical acclaim and press coverage, being featured in several international magazines and publications.[which?]

Killjoy left the crew as well in 2003 to focus on his metal band Necrophagia, for which Vogel directed the music video for the band's song "Rue Morgue Disciple" and the band's documentary Sickcess (aka Necrophagia: Sickcess). After Mordum's release, Vogel and Cruise incorporated Toetag Pictures on April 1, 2004.[citation needed]

Founding (2004-2005)[edit]

Now an officially incorporated film studio, Toetag Pictures provided special make-up effects and acting in Nick Palumbo's film, Murder-Set-Pieces. Toetag also opened their first studio in Bellevue, Pennsylvania around the same time. August Underground had its first official release on DVD in 2005.

En route to the 2005 Rue Morgue Festival of Fear horror convention in Toronto, Fred Vogel was stopped by Canadian customs officers for transporting merchandise across the border. The officers confiscated the contents of his van, including Toetag promotional materials as well as copies of Mordum and the original August Underground, and shortly thereafter Vogel was arrested for smuggling obscene materials into Canada. While the Toetag merchandise was undergoing "further inspection" in Ottawa, Vogel was held in a Canadian customs jail. After roughly ten hours, he was released and charges were dropped.[citation needed]

The Redsin Tower, Murder Collection v.1, and the future (2006-)[edit]

In a radical transitional effort, TTP released their third film, The Redsin Tower on DVD and sold out each premier screening.[citation needed] Where the first two August Underground films had been made in an unorthodox, faux-snuff style, Redsin had a more traditional narrative style, and was met with critical acclaim.

After the film's release, Toetag closed its studio in Bellevue to relocate to Los Angeles, California.[citation needed] This decision was reached after the completion of the third and final August Underground film, August Underground's Penance. Toetag then decided to stay headquartered in Pittsburgh and moved to a large warehouse in the city's West End.

The studio began the production of their 5th film in their new location, a new approach to the Mondo film entitled Murder Collection V.1. TTP released the film's trailer without any prior press or announcement of its production, and released the film on DVD in April 2009.

Founding member Christie Whiles soon left the company in order to pursue her own endeavors.

In 2009, Toetag began work on another effort, MaskHead, directed by Scott Swan, the co-author of Cigarette Burns. In October 2010, Toetag released its newest film, Sella Turcica.

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