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"Together Forever" is the title track from Together Forever, released by hip-hop singer and freestyle music artist Lisette Melendez and written by Carlos Berrios, Frankie Malave and Franc Reyes in 1991.[1] It was initially released as a 12-inch vinyl record and primarily used in dance clubs.[citation needed]

On February 16, 1991 the track reached position 31 on Billboard 100's Hot Dance Music chart and remained there for a total of nine weeks. Following its release, Melendez received more media attention.

On April 6, 1991 Melendez made it to the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #35.[2] The single was one of the few freestyle songs to reach the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100.

The song was produced by Carlos "After Dark" Berrios, who also produced the song "Temptation" by Corina. This often explains the similarities in the two songs.

"Together Forever" is credited as one of the few songs released in the 1990s that aided the revival of the "freestyle" genre's popularity, after the emergence of grunge.

In 2008, the music video of the song was criticized by Marcos Mion on MTV.

Track listing[edit]

Number Title Duration (min:sec)
1 New School Freestyle 6:18
2 New School Dub 5:15
3 Something for the Red Zone 5:27
4 Something for Roseland 5:11
5 Berrios Beats 2:19
6 Radio Edit 3:49

Chart performance[edit]

Record chart (1991) Best position
 United States - Billboard Hot 100[3] 35
 United States - Hot Dance Music/Club Play[3] 31
 United States - Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales[3] 12


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