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Togher is a large parish in County Louth, Ireland. It is the largest parish in the Armagh diocese. It is a rural coastal parish of 19,500 acres (79 km²) approximately. It is situated about halfway between Drogheda and Dundalk on the East Coast of Louth and has approximately 5 miles (8 km) of beautiful coastline stretching from its border with Clogherhead Parish at the Skinore River in the south to Annagassan bridge in the north, where it adjoins the Parish of Drumiskin. It's inland boundaries are the Parishes of Kilsaran, Dunleer and Clogherhead. Togher, is an amalgamation of six medieval parishes (Clonmore, Port, Dysart, Dunany, Salterstown and Drumcar) and to the present day the ruins of these six parish Churches stand within the confines of the six well-kept graveyards.

The name is derived from the Gaelic word "tochar", meaning a causeway.


The area is heavily involved in sports, especially in Gaa. The local gaelic club, Naomh Fionbarra, is located just outside the town of Annagassan, in the Ballygassan estate. The senior team currently compete at intermediate level, having won the Junior Championship final recently. The team's minors recently won Division 3, and they will compete in Division 2 as of next season.


There are two local schools in the area of Togher. ST.Finians N.S is located in the Salterstown parish and is traditionally attended by many of the children from the surrounding areas of Annagassan, Salterstown, Drumcar and Dillonstown. The other school is called St.Colmcilles N.S and is located in the Dysart parish. Traditionally children from the surrounding areas of Tullydonnell, Dysart and Dunany attend.


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