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Tokyo Banana

Tokyo Banana (東京ばな奈?) (also written "東京バナナ" and "東京ばなな" with the same pronunciation) is a Japanese sweet. It is the souvenir sweet of Tokyo and is manufactured and sold by Grapestone Co. (ja).

Tokyo Banana Miitsuketa (見ぃつけたっ?) went on sale in 1991. The cream uses strained banana puree. After baking, the sponge cake is steamed to bring out a soft texture.As of 2016, the yearly sales are roughly 4 billion yen.[1]

Tokyo Banana Miitsuketa is manufactured at MASDAC Corporation's factory in Tokorozawa, Saitama.

Tokyo Banana Series[edit]

A picture of Tokyo Banana Miitsuketa
  • Tokyo Banana Miitsuketa
A banana shaped sweet full of banana custard wrapped in a fluffy sponge. Best consumed within 7 days of purchase.
  • Tokyo Banana Miitsuketa caramel flavour
Caramel banana custard cream wrapped up in a caramel coloured and flavoured sponge. Went on sale on August 10th 2011 celebrating 20 years of sales of Tokyo Banana.
  • Tokyo Choco Banana
Banana cream inside chocolate. It becomes banana mint flavour "Summer Choco" in the summer season (mid May - mid September).
  • Tokyo Banana Pie
Folded up banana flavoured biscuit dough and pastry.
  • Fresh Cream Puff
Cream and banana custard cream puff.
  • Tokyo Banana Raisin Sandwich
Rum-raisin banana ganache sandwiched between banana scented cookies.
Banana anko in a moist outer layer.
  • Moist Baumkuchen
3 layers of cake mixture layered atop one another and moistly baked baumkuchen
  • Tokyo Banana Fresh Moist Baumkuchen
  • Tokyo Banana Baumkuchen Brule
  • Tokyo Banana Roll Cake <Choco Banana>
  • Tokyo Banana Miitsuketa Gaufrette
  • Tokyo Banana Ai to Sachi (new product August 2008)
  • Ice Monaka

Products sold in the past[edit]

Kuro Bei[edit]

  • Tokyo Banana Kuro Bei (jp:黒ベエ)
Ample banana custard wrapped in a bitter-sweet cocoa sponge cake.
  • Chocolate Pie
Chocolate rolled up in cocoa flavoured pastry folded into 328 layers.
  • Moist Baumkuchen
Consisting of 2 layers of chocolate banana mixture and muscovado mixture.
  • Dorayaki
Japanese dessert consisting of two slices of sponge cake with red bean jam in between
  • Black Sesame Seed Pie Kuro Bei
  • Kuro Bei Raisin

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