Tom & Jerry (album)

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Tom & Jerry
Tom & jerry.jpg
Compilation album by Simon & Garfunkel
Released 2002
Genre Folk
Label Superior Records
Simon & Garfunkel chronology
Live from New York City, 1967
(2002)Live from New York City, 19672002
Tom & Jerry The Essential Simon and Garfunkel
(2003)The Essential Simon and Garfunkel2003

Tom & Jerry is a compilation album by Simon & Garfunkel released in 2002. This album contains songs in their early career, when they were known as Tom & Jerry.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Dream Alone"
  2. "Beat Love"
  3. "Beat Love" (With Harmony)
  4. "Just a Boy"
  5. "Play Me a Sad Song"
  6. "It Means a Lot to Them"
  7. "Flame"
  8. "Shy"
  9. "The Lone Teen Ranger"
  10. "Hey Schoolgirl"
  11. "Our Song"
  12. "That's My Story"
  13. "Teenage Fool"
  14. "Tia-Juana Blues"
  15. "Dancin' Wild"
  16. "Don't Say Goodbye"
  17. "Two Teenagers"
  18. "True or False"
  19. "Simon Says"