Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Acts of War

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This article is about Tom Clancy's Op-Center:Acts of War. For the comic book, see Jedi Council: Acts of War. For other uses, see Acts of war (disambiguation).
Op-Center: Acts of War
Acts Of War cover.jpg
Author Jeff Rovin
Country United States
Language English
Series Tom Clancy's Op-Center
Genre Techno-thriller, Spy novel
Publisher HarperCollins
Publication date
March 1997
Media type Print (Hardcover & Paperback)
Pages 492 pp
ISBN 0-00-225450-6
OCLC 43221182
Preceded by Games of State
Followed by Balance of Power

Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Acts of War is a technothriller by Jeff Rovin

Plot introduction[edit]

The mobile Regional Operations Center (ROC) in Turkey investigates a dam blown up by Kurdish militants. The ROC is later taken hostage by the Kurdish militants who blew the dam.

Characters in Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Acts of War[edit]

  • Mike Rodgers- General, in charge of ROC
  • Paul Hood
  • Lowell Coffey II- Attorney, 40, civilian assigned to ROC
  • Ibrahim al-Rashid- Syrian Kurd
  • Mahmoud al-Rashid- Syrian Kurd
  • Dr. Phil Katzen- Biophysicist, 33, cilivan assigned to ROC
  • Dr. Mary Rose Mohalley- Computer programmer, 29, civilian assigned to ROC

Major themes[edit]

  • The desire of the Kurdish people for an independent state. The novel implies that the Kurds from Syria, Turkey, and Iraq work together to force a war between the government of Turkey and Syria, with the eventual goal of being granted an individual territory.
  • Injustices suffered by the Kurds at the hands of the governments of the nations they live in.
  • Volatility of Middle-East region, both politically and ideologically

Release details[edit]

The novel was released in 1997, prior to the attack on the World Trade Center towers and the subsequent invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, but after the establishment of an Iraqi Kurdistan in Iraq from the aftermath of the Gulf War.