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Tom Godwin (June 6, 1915 – August 31, 1980) was an American Science Fiction author. Godwin published three novels and twenty seven short stories. His hard SF short story "The Cold Equations" is a notable example of the mid-1950s Science Fiction genre.



Ragnarok series:


  • Beyond Another Sun (Curtis, 1971)

Short stories[edit]

Godwin's "No Species Alone", despite being cover-featured on the July 1954 issue of Universe Science Fiction, was not published until the November issue
  • "The Gulf Between" in Astounding, October 1953
  • "Mother of Invention" in Astounding, December 1953
  • "The Greater Thing" in Astounding, February 1954
  • "The Cold Equations" in Astounding, August 1954
  • "No Species Alone" in Universe, November 1954
  • "You Created Us" in Fantastic Universe, October 1955
  • "The Barbarians" in If, December 1955
  • "Operation Opera" in Fantasy and Science Fiction, April 1956
  • "Brain Teaser" in If, October 1956
  • "Too Soon to Die" (basis for his novel The Survivors) in Venture, July 1957
  • "The Harvest" in Venture, July 1957
  • "The Last Victory" in If, August 1957
  • "The Nothing Equation" in Amazing, December 1957
  • "The Wild Ones" in Science Fiction Stories, January 1958
  • "My Brother" The Ape" in Amazing, January 1958
  • "Cry From a Far Planet" in Amazing, September 1958
  • "A Place Beyond the Stars" in Super Science Fiction, February 1959
  • "Empathy" in Fantastic, October 1959
  • "The Helpful Hand of God" in Analog, December 1961
  • "...and Devious the Line of Duty" in Analog, December 1962
  • "Desert Execution" in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Magazine, July 1967
  • "The Gentle Captive" in the original story anthology Signs and Wonders (1972)
  • "We'll Walk Again the Moonlight" in the anthology Crisis (1974)
  • "Backfire" in Ed McBaines 87th Precinct Mystery Magazine, April 1975
  • "The Steel Guardian" in Antaeus, Spring/Summer 1977
  • "Social Blunder" in Amazing, July 1977
  • "Before Willows Ever Walked" in Fantasy and Science Fiction, March 1980


The following stories are collected in the book The Cold Equations & Other Stories ed. Eric Flint (Baen Books, 2004):

  • "The Survivors" • novel
  • "The Harvest" • shortstory
  • "Brain Teaser" • shortstory
  • "Mother of Invention" • novella
  • "...and Devious the Line of Duty" • novelette
  • "Empathy" • novelette
  • "No Species Alone" • novelette
  • "The Gulf Between" • novella
  • "The Cold Equations" • novelette

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