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Thomas Archibald Marshall (9 April 1938 in Niagara Falls, Ontario – 1993 in Kingston, Ontario) was a Canadian poet and novelist. He received his MA at Queen's University in 1965, writing his thesis on poet A. M. Klein, and taught there from 1964 until his death. Marshall was the author of The Elements: Poems 1960–1975 (1980), an interlocking cycle of four poetry collections, and the novels Rosemary Goal (1978) and Adele at the End of the Day (1987).



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  • The Earth Book. Ottawa, Oberon Press, 1974.
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  • The Elements. Ottawa, Oberon Press, 1980.
  • Playing with Fire. Ottawa, Oberon Press, 1984.
  • Dance of the Particles. Kingston, Quarry Press, 1984.
  • Ghost Safari. Ottawa, Oberon Press, 1991.
  • Some Impossible Heaven of the Senses. Ottawa, Oberon Press, 1994.


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  • A. M. Klein. Edited and with an introduction by Tom Marshall. Toronto, Ryerson Press, 1970.
  • Harsh and Lovely Land:The Major Canadian Poets and the Making of a Canadian Tradition. Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press, 1979.
  • Multiple Exposures, Promised Lands:Essays on Canadian Poetry and Fiction. Kingston, Quarry Press, 1992.


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  • Glass Houses. Ottawa, Oberon Press, 1985.
  • Adele at the End of the Day. Toronto, Macmillan, 1987. (Vintage Books, 1990.)
  • Voices on the Brink. Toronto, Macmillan, 1988. (Faber and Faber,paper.)
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  • Goddess Disclosing. Kingston, Quarry Press, 1992
  • The Adventures of John Montgomery. Kingston, Quarry Press, 1995.


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