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Thomas Anthony John "Tom" Rubython (born 22 August 1955) is a British author and publisher with an interest in business and motor racing. He was the founder and publisher of Marketeer (weekly), Amusement Business (monthly), LeisureWeek (weekly), BusinessAge (monthly), Sunday Business (weekly), EuroBusiness (monthly), Formula 1 Magazine' (monthly) 'BusinessF1 magazine (monthly), and SportsPro (monthly). He has written nine books, biographies of Ayrton Senna (racing driver), Tony O'Reilly (businessman), James Hunt (racing driver), Richard Burton (actor), Jesse Livermore (financier) and Barry White (singer) and two non-fiction motor racing books called In The Name Of Glory and Fatal Weekend.[1] He has also published many yearbooks and annuals including the Leisure Industry Yearbook, the Offshore Finance Annual, the Formula One Annual and the Formula One Black Book.

Libel Suits[edit]

Rubython has interviewed many famous figures over the years from Donald Trump to Tony Blair. He has enjoyed a controversial journalistic career and has reputedly been sued for libel more times than any other British journalist including lawsuits from figures such as Sir Alan Sugar, Tony Ryan, George Walker, Max Mosley, Bernie Ecclestone and Kelvin Mackenzie. All of the lawsuits were later settled except for two, one of which he lost to Tony Purnell and another he won against Richard Woods.


In 2012 he briefly dabbled in politics and stood for the UK Independence Party in Northampton North at the 2015 General Election, receiving 6,354 votes (16%).


A bachelor until the age of 58, in 2013 he surprised everyone and married his girlfriend of three years, Beverley.