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Tom Turbo is a series of books by Austrian author Thomas Brezina. The stories feature Tom Turbo, a bike who is able to talk and do one hundred and eleven tricky things. He and his friends Karo (Karolin Klicker) and Klaro (Konstantin Klicker) try to catch 'the ever bad guy' Fritz Fantom. With each of the original books, a detective gimmick would be delivered which would be used by Karo and Klaro during the current 'case'.

Tom Turbo was built by Karo and Klaro, who had a great supply of fairly new technological items as their parents always wanted to be up-to-date with everything available.

A Tom Turbo television series appears in Austria on ORF1. Some of the episodes even aired on NICKELODEON in Germany. The bike has a garage at its filming location, Tiergarten Schönbrunn. In the TV series, the bad guys and also the children 'working' with Tom change every once in a while. Only the 'boss' stays the same: Thomas Brezina.

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