Tommaso Salvadori

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Tommaso Salvadori.

Count Adelardo Tommaso Salvadori Paleotti (30 September 1835 – 9 October 1923, Turin) was an Italian zoologist and ornithologist.

Salvadori was born in Porto San Giorgio, son of Count Luigi Salvadori and Ethel. He took an early interest in birds and published a catalogue of the birds of Sardinia in 1862. He later studied medicine in Pisa and Rome.[1]


He participated in Garibaldi's military expedition in Sicily (the Expedition of the Thousand), serving as a medical officer.

He was assistant in the Museum of Zoology in 1863, becoming Vice-Director of the Royal Museum of Natural History in Turin in 1879. He was a specialist in birds of Asia. In 1880, he was on leave to the British Museum of Natural History in London to work on their catalogues. Salvadori's pheasant (Lophura inornata) is named after him as also the Papua monitor (Varanus salvadorii, Salvadori's monitor, crocodile monitor, or artelia). He published as many as 300 papers in ornithology.[1]


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