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Arthur Lee "Tommie" Bass (January 24, 1908 – August 28, 1996)[1] was an Appalachian herbalist who lived near Lookout Mountain, Alabama. At the time of his death at age 88 on August 31, 1996, Bass, was one of the best-known local herbalists in the United States. He was profiled on the pages of the Wall Street Journal in 1985,[2] subject of a film on his life,[3] interviewed on national television, subject of a master's thesis[4] and subject of scholarly and popular books.[5][6][7] Tommie’s immense knowledge of herbal lore encompassed more than 300 local plants in his personal pharmacopoeia and others that might not be useful to "give ease" to others.[8] He was well known for his tinctures, salves and compounds.[9]

To quote his apprentice, Darryl Patton:

There are many ‘Herbalists’ around recommending all sorts of strange herbal treatments. But they have absolutely no knowledge of what a medicinal plant looks like in the woods and outside of a bottle. These herbal “pharmacists” come and go like every other fad. Tommie and those who follow in his footsteps will continue to use simple herbs for healing.[10]


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