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Tommy Norman (born August 22, 1972 in the Levy section of North Little Rock, Arkansas) is a longtime patrolman/officer who has worked for the Little Rock Police Department since 1998.[citation needed] Norman has received national attention for his actions concerning the people of his community, most notably his charitable actions toward the youth within his jurisdiction.[citation needed]

Early life and education[edit]

Norman was born to parents Modena and Dean Norman, and he graduated from Ole Main High School in 1990.[citation needed] Between 1991 and 1998, he worked many jobs in the nursing and mental health field.[citation needed] He worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Riley's Oak Hill Manor Nursing Home.[citation needed] Norman was also a mental health worker at Pinnacle Point Hospital.[citation needed]

Norman has two children and eight siblings.[citation needed]


Norman is known for positive community policing. Norman’s unorthodox approach to policing includes thousands of video posts, pictures and daily interactive engagement at the Boys & Girls Clubs and the Police Athletic League with those that he protects and serves.[citation needed] He is credited for doing things like presenting 50 NLRSD students with backpacks and $50 gift cards from Shoe Carnival in August[year needed] to purchase shoes, starting the “Shop with a Cop” program to help financially struggling students or just dancing with the children.[1]

National reception[edit]

Norman has gained national and international attention for his unconventional methods of law enforcement.[citation needed] The national and international expose of Tommy Norman came from a televised CNN News cable program on May 10, 2015 during an interview on Newsroom with its host Brooke Baldwin and her guest Atlanta activist and rapper Killer Mike. Killer Mike professes that Norman is "doing something right" and that is connecting with inner city youth, in particular minority communities of color.[2]

He was also featured on the Today show on November 8, 2015. This report featured some of the day-to-day activities he does with the neighborhood and specifically how he is well liked by children. Reporter Kerry Sanders has coined the term “Social Media Cop” for him.[3]


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