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Industry Communications Services
Founded 2002
Headquarters Nukuʻalofa, Tonga
Key people
King George Tupou V, Chairman
Products ISP, phone cards, Tonfön Television

Tonfön is a Tongan telecommunications company, founded in 2002 by its chairman, (at that time Crown Prince) Tupoutoʻa. It operates as a division of the Shoreline Group of Companies. The trema on the second 'o' is not pronounced, but is purely for effect.[1]

Tonfön is one of Tonga's two major telecommunications providers (the other being TCC), offering phone, internet and television services.

The company relies on profit from the sale of phone cards, SIM cards, mobile, home phone & internet access packages, and the sale of TV set-top boxes enabling subscriber access to seven 24-hour pay-TV channels on Tonfön Television.

On 16 November 2006, the Shoreline/Tonfön offices located in the Nukuʻalofa suburb of Mailetaha were trashed and burned to the ground by rioting pro-democracy protestors. [1] Six people, presumed to be rioters, died in the blaze. [2]