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The tram station at Tong Shui Road

Tong Shui Road (Chinese: 糖水道) is a road on the reclamation of North Point on the Hong Kong Island of Hong Kong. The road spans from north Victoria Harbour to south King's Road. There is an exit to Tong Shui Road of Island Eastern Corridor along the north shore of Victoria Harbour. The road near hosts the North Point terminus of Hong Kong Tramway. Tong Shui Road Public Pier is at the seaside of the road near former North Point Estate.


Tong Shui in Chinese means sugar water. It was associated with Sugar King Kwok Chun Yeung (郭春秧) in early 20th century. He had planned to build a sugar refinery in North Point by the reclaimed shore. When the reclamation completed, the sugar price dropped drastically. He cancelled the plan and built a residential block instead. Another street adjacent, Chun Yeung Street (春秧街), was also named after him.

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Coordinates: 22°17′31″N 114°11′55″E / 22.29194°N 114.19861°E / 22.29194; 114.19861