Toni L

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Toni L
Toni L.jpg
Toni L in 2004
Background information
Birth name Toni Landomini
Origin Germany
Genres German hip hop
Years active 1980s-present
Associated acts Advanced Chemistry, Torch

Toni L is one of the three artists comprising the famous German rap group Advanced Chemistry formed in 1987. Born as Toni Landomini,[1] yet often referred to as “der pate” or “the Godfather,” [2] Toni holds German citizenship but has an Italian background.[3] His Italian roots provide him with material for his rap songs, such as in Advanced Chemistry’s hit single “Fremd Im Eigenen Land” (A Foreigner In My Own Country), where the group discusses the struggle to be accepted as a German.[3] Toni has produced solo releases, beginning with his debut “Der Pate,” hence leading to his nickname. He has also founded the German hip-hop label MZEE.[1]



  • 1997 - Der Pate
  • 2000 - Der Funkjoker
  • 2005 - Der Zug rollt (Toni L & Def Cut)
  • 2007 - Funkanimal (Toni L & Safarisounds)

With Advanced Chemistry[edit]

  • 1992 - Fremd im eigenen Land
  • 1993 - Welcher Pfad führt zur Geschichte?
  • 1994 - Operation Artikel 3
  • Dir fehlt der Funk
  • 1995 - Advanced Chemistry


  • 2000 - "Wer ich bin" (Who I am), "Rote Wellen" (Red waves), "Als ich zur Schule ging" (When I went to school) by Torch (Album: Blauer Samt)
  • "Zimmer 101" (Room 101) by Peripherique


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