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Tony Cronstam in 2013.

Tony Cronstam (born 6 August 1969, Växjö) is a Swedish cartoonist.

An illustrator of role-playing games for Target Games during the 1980s, he made his debut as a cartoonist with the future-based strip Provet (The Test) in Svenska Serier (no. 3/90). In 1990 he began drawing Bamse, and was the principal Bamse artist between 1998-2001. He taught at comic school from 1999-2004.

Together with Maria Cronstam, he created the comic strip Elvis in 2000, for publication in Metro Stockholm. Elvis won the prestigious Adamson Award in 2004.


  • Elvis (2000)
  • Elvis – under skalet (2003)
  • Elvis – bäst i test (2004)
  • Elvis – toastad men inte bränd (2005)
  • Elvis – första boken extra allt (2006)

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