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Tony Joseph
Tony Joseph (journalist) 02.jpg
Born12 March 1963 (1963-03-12) (age 56)
ResidenceNew Delhi, India
OccupationAuthor, Journalist
Spouse(s)Sheba Jose

Tony Joseph is an Indian journalist and former editor of Businessworld magazine.[1][2][3][4] He is also the author of the best-selling book Early Indians: The Story of Our Ancestors and Where We Came From.[5][6][7] Until 2018, he was also the chairman and co-founder of Mindworks Global Media Services.[8][9] He is based in New Delhi.[10][11] Joseph has been an editor and a journalist for over three decades and was, at various times, Features Editor of The Economic Times, Associate Editor of Business Standard and Editor of Businessworld magazine. His articles have appeared in Outlook India , Quartz, Business Standard, Live Mint[12] and The Hindu.[13][14] The Early Indians book is focused on four prehistoric migrations that shaped the demography of India,[15] including Indo-Aryan Migration around 2000 BCE.[16][17][18]

Joseph became the editor of Businessworld (a magazine that was published by ABP Group) in 1998. He describes himself as an atheist.

Published works[edit]

  • Early Indians: The Story of Our Ancestors and Where We Came From. Juggernaut, ISBN 978-93-8622-898-7