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Tony László
Born (1960-10-16) 16 October 1960 (age 57)
United States
Spouse(s) Saori Oguri

Tony László (born 16 October 1960) is an American born to parents of Hungarian and Italian descent.[1] He was raised in the United States and came to Japan in 1985.[2] As a freelance journalist[citation needed], he has written articles in English and Japanese.[1][3]

He has been a representative and webmaster for the non-governmental organization Issho Kikaku since 1994.[2]

He is married to manga artist Saori Oguri and appears as a leading character in some of her works, mainly the My Darling is a Foreigner (Darling wa Gaikokujin) series.[4][5]

His own writings include the book Tony ryū shiawase o saibai suru hōhō, which his wife illustrated.


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