Tony Sanchez (photographer)

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Tony Sanchez, also known as Spanish Tony (died 2000), was a British photographer of Spanish ancestry. He worked as Keith Richards' assistant for eight years and co-wrote with John Blake a bestselling memoir about this time, entitled Up and Down with the Rolling Stones: My Rollercoaster Ride with Keith Richards (1979).

Sanchez was the son of Spanish immigrants, and his father ran an Italian restaurant in London's Mayfair.[1]

Sanchez met the Rolling Stones through his connection with the art dealer Robert Fraser. According to Keith Richards, Sanchez, who had been a croupier and bouncer, was able to help Fraser when he was in trouble with gambling debts, and became Fraser's drug dealer and general helper.[1]

Sanchez was one of the Rolling Stones' two official photographers, along with Michael Cooper for The Stones in the Park free outdoor festival held in London's Hyde Park on 5 July 1969.

Tony Sanchez died in 2000.[2]


  • Up and Down with the Rolling Stones (1979), originally entitled Up and Down with the Rolling Stones - The Inside Story


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