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Tony Scherman
Born1950 (age 67–68)
EducationRoyal College of Art
Known forPainting

Tony Scherman (born 1950) is a Canadian painter.[1] He is known for his use of encaustic and portraiture to depict persons and events of historical or popular significance.[2]


Scherman has had solo shows in galleries and regional museums throughout Canada and the United States.[3][4] His expressive work often depicts historical figures and events, from Napoleon to Hamlet to the American Civil War.[5][6] He is particularly known for a cycle of paintings of Napoleon and the French Revolution collected in the 2002 art book, Chasing Napoleon: Forensic Portraits. Scherman is also known for his use of encaustic painting techniques in his work.[3][7] He was made a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts.[8]


Scherman's work is in the permanent collection of numerous museums and art galleries, including the Kelowna Art Gallery,[9] Glenbow Museum,[10] University of Lethbridge Art Gallery,[11] Winnipeg Art Gallery, MacLaren Art Centre,[12] Art Gallery of Guelph,[13] Art Gallery of Hamilton,[14] University of Toronto Art Centre,[15] Canada Council Art Bank,[16] Michael Canadian Art Collection,[17] Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal,[18] Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery at Concordia University,[19] and Dalhousie Art Gallery.[20] Musée National d'Art Moderne housed in the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, France holds five of his early drawings,[21]


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