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Tony Vacca is an American percussionist specializing in jazz and an early innovator in world music. He incorporates percussion instruments from a world of traditions that includes African, Caribbean, Asian and Middle-Eastern influences, to which he adds some of his spoken word and rhythm poetry.

Vacca plays both as a soloist and with his World Rhythms Ensemble. His frequent trips to West Africa have contributed to his unique approach to playing the balafon, and to his depth of knowledge regarding African and American musical traditions.

Vacca has recorded and performed with such a wide range of musicians such as Sting, Senegalese Afro-pop artist Baaba Maal, Jazz trumpeter Don Cherry, poet Abiodun Oyewole, Senegalese Hip-Hop artists Gokh-bi System, and Massamba Diop.


  • Dance Beneath the Diamond Sky (Columbia, 1992)
  • City Spirits (Philo, 1994)
  • Three Point Landing (Half Note, 2002)
  • Rhythm Griots (World Rhythms, 2004)
  • Rhythm Mission (World Rhythms, 2004)
  • Zen Rant (Tony Vacca, 2004)
  • Senegal-America Project (World Rhythms, 2006)

With Winds of Change

  • Far East Subway Blues (Muse/Art, 1983)

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