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Tonya Suzanne Holly (born 2 July 1962 in Red Bay, Alabama)[1] is a casting director who studied theater at University of North Alabama.

Holly[2] is a TV and film producer with more than 20 year experience in the film industry where she have worked on movies such as the 1991 movie Toy Soldiers and she did also the casting of “Blue Sky”. Holly has worked with CBS, HBO, NBC, FOX, Morgan Creek, Universal, Buena Vista, and other productions.

Alabama Filmmakers Association[edit]

Holly also founded the Alabama Filmmakers Association [3] in 1991 to help promote film in the state of Alabama.

Cypress Moon Studios[edit]

The new facilities are now home to Cypress Moon Studios.

Holy is the owner and president of Cypress Moon Studios located in the earlier buildings of Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Sheffield, Alabama

Movies in developments[edit]

The latest work directed by Holly is "Sleeping Giants: The Union of the Seven" and the shooting of the new 2012 movie about Bonnie and Clyde named The Story of Bonnie and Clyde starring Sean Faris as Clyde Barrow[4][5] and Lindsay Pulsipher[6] as Bonnie Parker. The casting of the movie was delayed[7] and was dealt a major setback in April 2011 as tornadoes damaged or destroyed film locations in Mississippi and Alabama where flooding prevented filming at the state prison in Angola.[8]

Movies directed by Tonya Holly[edit]

  • When I Find the Ocean
  • The Mirror
  • The Story of Bonnie and Clyde (in production)
  • Sleeping Giants: The Union of the Seven (in production)


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