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Jonte "Too Tall" Hall married to Shante' Tia Hall is a 5 foot 2 player (157,48 cm) on the Harlem Globetrotters.[1][2][3] He is the smallest player in Globetrotter History.[1]


Born on 7/02/1982. Labeled at 5ft 2 (1,575 mt) and weighing 142 Lbs.He was raised in the McCulloh Street projects, in West Baltimore, and despite his height was keen on basketball from an early age. He attended Carver Vo-Tech, where he helped the basketball team reach the state finals. He played at CCBC-Catonsville for a year without spending much time on court, but dropped out of college to help support his mother. Later he managed to get on the Washington Generals, and was then traded to the Globetrotters, one of only 2 players in 20 years to make the transition. May 17, 2015 married Shante' Tia Hall.[1]


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