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The Toogee tribe was a group of Tasmanian aborigines that lived in Western Tasmania, Australia, before European settlement. Their area of inhabitation included Macquarie Harbor.

This tribe consisted of two different bands, the Lowreenne and Ninegin.[1] They made stone tools, including those from Darwin Glass a natural glass formed from a meteorite impact. The archeological record for this region goes back to 20000 years ago with relics found in the Kutikina Cave. They also left behind middens of shells along the coast.

The people living to the north near the Pieman River were the Peternidic band, and to the south near Port Davey was the Ninene.

A geological feature south of Tasmania is named after them, the Toogee sub basin.[2] This is in the northernmost part of the South Tasman Rise. It is adjacent to the Lowreenne Massif.[3]

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