Torbjørnsbu Station

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Coordinates58°27′55″N 8°44′54″E / 58.46522°N 8.74842°E / 58.46522; 8.74842Coordinates: 58°27′55″N 8°44′54″E / 58.46522°N 8.74842°E / 58.46522; 8.74842
Elevation21.2 m (70 ft)
Owned byNorwegian State Railways
Line(s)Arendal Line
Distance316.23 km (196.50 mi) (Oslo S)
1.40 km (0.87 mi) (Arendal)
Opened1 May 1911

Torbjørnsbu Station (Norwegian: Torbjørnsbu stoppested) is a former railway station at Torbjørnsbu in Arendal, Norway. Located on the Arendal Line, it was operated by the Norwegian State Railways. The station was opened on 1 May 1911 and originally consisted of a station building and a loading spur. The station remained manned until 1939 and was later closed.

Facilities and service[edit]

The station is 1.40 kilometers (0.87 mi) from Arendal Station at 21.2 meters (70 ft) above mean sea level,[1] and 316.23 kilometers (196.50 mi) from Oslo Central Station. [2] It was located at the western mouth of Barbu Tunnel.[1]


Plans for a station in the area started for a spur to be built near the western mouth of the Barbu Tunnel, at Myrene, to store rolling stock. The plans were then expanded to include a station, which opened on 1 May 1911.[1] A station building,[3] designed by Harald Kaas and which is identical to the one at Rossedalen Station, was built. Additional spurs and a longer platform were built in 1917 and 1918. However, there has never been a passing loop at the station. It became unmanned from 1939 and later closed.[1]


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