Tore Østby

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Tore Østby
Born 1972
Origin Norway
Genres Progressive metal
Progressive rock
Power metal
Hard rock
Occupation(s) Musician, Songwriter, Guitarist, Producer
Instruments Guitar, Bass
Years active 1991–2005, 2007–present
Labels Noise
Laser's Edge/Sensory
Associated acts Conception
D.C. Cooper
Jørn Lande

Tore Østby (born 1972) was a founder, guitarist, producer and songwriter for Norwegian progressive metal band Conception from 1989 to 1998.[1][2] After the band stopped playing on a permanent basis he, along with John Macaluso and Jørn Lande formed progressive metal band Ark.[3]

Tore is currently working as a senior advisor at GramArt, an organization established in 1989 to protect the recording artists’ intellectual property rights, other legal rights and professional interests

Tore is married to the Swedish guitarist Maria Engstroem Østby, and they have a daughter (born in 2002) named Matilda Engstroem Bergkvist.


With Conception[edit]

With Ark[edit]

With D.C. Cooper[edit]

With Jørn Lande[edit]

With Street Legal[edit]

  • Bite the Bullet (2009)


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