Tornado Outbreak

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This article is about the video game. For the weather phenomenon, see Tornado outbreak.
Tornado Outbreak
Xbox-tornado outbreak.jpg
Xbox 360 cover art of Tornado Outbreak
Developer(s) Loose Cannon Studios
Publisher(s) Konami
Designer(s) Scot Bilas
Composer(s) Peter MCconnell
Engine Wwise
Platform(s) Wii, Wii U PlayStation 3, PlayStation Network Xbox 360 Xbox live Microsoft Windows
  • NA: September 29, 2009
  • EU: November 13, 2009[1]
Genre(s) Action Game
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer video game

Tornado Outbreak (R6TEA4) (formerly known as Zephyr: Rise of the Elementals) is an action video game published by Konami and developed by Loose Cannon Studios for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and the Wii. This game was announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June 2009. The game has 10 levels. Co-op mode lets the player take control of Zephyr and a Wind Warrior and each player gets their own tornado. Mike Vaughn is the voice of Zephyr and Lev Liberman is the voice of Stone Smasher, Nimbus and the Wind Warrior. It was later released on PC, Xbox live, Wii U, and PlayStation Network


Captain Nimbus thinks it's time for him to step down and put Zephyr in charge. Zephyr and his friends are wind warriors And it's their job to create atmosphere on lifeless planets. It was Zephyr's Exciting time of his life and couldn't imagine it getting better Then he met Omegaton. The antimatter hero of a backwards dimension as an antimatter universe. He would have perished if the wind warriors didn't find him. Omegaton was stripped of his 6 orbs of power and banished to space. The wind warriors first mission was earth and their first problem. The sun it's radiation is deadly to the wind warriors. However given an Lighweight Object Alamang Device or Load Starr given by Omegaton it provides shade. The Fire flyers enimes of Omegaton and now the Wind warriors......


As Zephyr, the player must tear up the environment by saving the world. The player uses new moves in order to collect elementals to progress the game and allowing the player to play co op or online co op via Internet connection.

Tornado Outbreak’s gameplay is in line with that of Katamari Damacy, in that (as Zephyr), players are required to suck ordinary Earth objects into their funnel to grow in size. An added level of complexity is present in Tornado Outbreak, in that players must stay in the shade at all times (shade is created by an object called the L.O.A.D. STARR), as Wind Warriors will die under direct sunlight.

Each level is split into five stages. The first three stages see Zephyr pillaging the landscape in search of hiding Fire Flyers (with the location of Fire Flyers being designated by an orange glow under objects). After collecting fifty Fire Flyers in each of these three stages, a totem appears from underground, surrounding a large object on the outskirts of the playing field (a skyscraper, mountain, hotel complex, etc. depending on the geographical location – Vegas, Britain, a theme park, and so on).

The fourth stage of each level is a race of sorts, which sees Zephyr flying through vortex rings surrounding the totems. This creates a massive storm above the landscape, complete with moving clouds and patches of sunlight.

In the fifth stage, players must navigate these moving clouds a la Frogger to reach the Totems so that they can be destroyed in a button-mashing mini-game, thus revealing one of Omegaton's orbs and unlocking the next level.

Tornado Outbreak on other consoles[edit]

On March 16 of 2013 the PC version was available to download for free. The game was made available on Wii U as downloaded content on September 21, 2015. It was removed from PlayStation Network, but can still be bought via credit card. On November 23, 2011 the Xbox Live version was released, allowing players to play online.


The mission for searching for Omegaton's orbs of power is big enough for 2 wind warriors players Can work together or go head to head splitscreen


When Nimbus decides to put you Zephyr in charge of tracking the fire flyers he has a Wind warrior Who will help you. Zephyr (Player 1) and a Wind warrior (Player 2) will each have their own tornado and Must work together In Order to save the world. Players will take turns controlling the Tornado and Shielding the Tornado! Players will share their own screen as well.


When Nimbus decides who will be in charge it's every wind warrior for himself! Each player will get their own screen and go head to see: who can grab the most Fire flyers or who can complete the objectives in a matter of time!


In 2010 Jordan Kotzebue, Designer and artwork creator of TO developed a 10-page comic for the game The Comic explains Zephyr's Backstory and is a prequel of the game.


The game got moderate to good reviews. GameSpot gave it 6.5 out of 10,[2] Game Informer game it 6.75 out of 10,[3] and IGN gave it 8.1 out of 10.[4]


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