Torralba and Ambrona (archaeological site)

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For the Italian commune, see Torralba, Italy.
Ambrona Museum: in situ exhibition of remains of ancient elephant, Palaeoloxodon antiquus.

The Torralba and Ambrona paleontological sites are two sites about 3 km away from each other located in the province of Soria, in Spain, near the small towns of Ambrona and Torralba del Moral. The area of the sites is close to two historic towns: Medinaceli and Sigüenza.

A large number of remains of large mammals and stone tools from about 400,000 years ago were found in the sites. The remains suggest early hominid hunting or scavenging (Park 2005). The sites were hunting and gathering communities at that time.

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Coordinates: 41°09′20″N 2°29′52″W / 41.15556°N 2.49778°W / 41.15556; -2.49778