Toscanelli (crater)

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Toscanelli crater 4150 h3.jpg
Coordinates 27°54′N 47°30′W / 27.9°N 47.5°W / 27.9; -47.5Coordinates: 27°54′N 47°30′W / 27.9°N 47.5°W / 27.9; -47.5
Diameter 7 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 48° at sunrise
Eponym Paolo Toscanelli

Toscanelli is a tiny, bowl-shaped lunar crater that is located to the north of the prominent crater Aristarchus, in the northwestern part of the Moon. The crater lies at the southern end of a rille that proceeds towards the north. This rille is part of a nearby system that has the designation Rimae Aristarchus. Just to the south of Toscanelli is a fault line in the surface named the Rupes Toscanelli, after the crater. This break in the surface continues to the south for a distance of about 70 kilometers.