Tour EP (Band of Horses EP)

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Tour EP
EP by Band of Horses
Released 2005
Genre Indie rock
Length 23:25
Label Self-released / Sub Pop
Producer Band of Horses
Band of Horses chronology
Tour EP
Everything All the Time
(2006)Everything All the Time2006

The Tour EP is an EP by Band of Horses, which preceded their debut album, Everything All the Time. The self-released EP was initially sold at shows and was later made available in limited quantities at Sub Pop's website.[1] It features early versions of five tracks from Everything All the Time as well as the otherwise unavailable track "(Biding Time Is A) Boat To Row."

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Savannah (Part One)" (Demo) 2:33
2. "The Snow Fall a.k.a. "The First Song"" (Demo) 4:00
3. "For Wicked Gil" (Demo) 2:55
4. "The Great Salt Lake" (Live) 4:50
5. "Billion Day Funeral" (Live) 5:23
6. "(Biding Time Is A) Boat To Row" (Live) 3:44

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