Tour de l'Ouest

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Tour de l'Ouest
Race details
English nameTour of the West
TypeStage race
First edition1911 (1911)
Final edition1959
First winner Théodule Pierre (FRA)
Final winner Joseph Morvan (FRA)

The Tour de l'Ouest (English: Tour of the West), also known as the Circuit de I'Ouest, was a road bicycle race held annually from 1911 to 1959 in France.[1][2]


Year Country Rider Team
1911  France Théodule Pierre
1931  France Germain Nicot Roold-Wolber
1932  Belgium Emile Joly Génial Lucifer-Hutchinson
1933  France Romain Maes Alcyon-Dunlop
1934  Belgium Robert Wierinckx Alcyon-Dunlop
1935  France Robert Tanneveau Armor
1936  France Albertin Disseaux Helyett
1937  France Jean-Marie Goasmat Essor-Hutchinson
1938  France Paul Rossier Peugeot-Dunlop
1939  Belgium Briek Schotte Mercier-Hutchinson
1946  France Pierre Brambilla Metropole-Dunlop
1947  France Edouard Muller Alcyon-Dunlop
1948  France Albert Dubuisson Rochet-Dunlop
1949  France Louison Bobet Bianchi-Ursus
1950  France Attilio Redolfi Mercier-Hutchinson
1951  Belgium Rik Van Steenbergen Condor
1952  France Ugo Anzile Peugeot-Dunlop
1953  France Bruno Benuzzi Stella-Wolber-Dunlop
1954  Belgium André Vlayen Alcyon-Dunlop
1955  Belgium Marcel Janssens Elvé-Peugeot
1956  France Francis Pipelin Mercier-BP-Hutchinson
1957  France Pierre Gouget Mercier-BP-Hutchinson
1958  France Gilbert Scodeller Saint-Raphael-Geminiani
1959  France Joseph Morvan Saint-Raphael-Geminiani


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