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Tour du Lot: The Department of the Lot sits at the northern end of the Midi-Pyrénées region of France. The Tour du Lot is a circuit of over 500 km around the Department's periphery using a mixture of GR routes, footpaths, bridleways, and quiet country roads, which can be completed on foot, by off-road bike or on horseback. The official route was devised by the Comité Départmental de la Randonée Pédestre (CODERANDO 46), the Association Départmentale de Tourisme Equestre (ATE), and the Comité Départmental de Cyclotourisme VTT (CODEP 46 FFCT), supported financially and technically by the Counseil Général du Lot, the Départmentale de la Jeunesse et des Sports, and the Comité Départmental du Tourisme.

For walkers embarking on the Tour du Lot the circuit is broken down into 14 stages, starting and ending at Laval de Cère in the north east of the Department. With two exceptions, each stage is walked over two days, covering on average 19 km a day, with the possibility of an overnight stop at a chambre d'hote, hotel or campsite, depending on the walker's preference or availability of accommodation. The other two stages are one-day walks. The route is poorly signed but the official Tour du Lot symbol is shown below.


The 14 stages are as follows:

Stage From To Distance km
Stage 01 Laval de Cère Sousceyrac 44.1
Stage 02 Sousceyrac Latronquière 45.1
Stage 03 Latronquière Bagnac sur Célé 36.0
Stage 04 Bagnac sur Célé Faycelles 36.2
Stage 05 Faycelles Limogne en Quercy 39.9
Stage 06 Limogne en Quercy St Paul de Loubressac 44.3
Stage 07 St Paul de Loubressac Montcuq 35.0
Stage 08 Montcuq Puy l’Evêque 24.7
Stage 09 Puy l’Evêque Frayssinet le Gélat 39.7
Stage 10 Frayssinet le Gélat Gourdon 36.9
Stage 11 Gourdon Rocamadour 30.0
Stage 12 Rocamadour Martel 34.9
Stage 13 Martel Tauriac 33.0
Stage 14 Tauriac Laval de Cère 27.4
TOTAL 507.2

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