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The Tour du Millénaire, or Tour de Gedinne
The Tour du Millénaire, ou Tour de Gedinne

The tour du millénaire (French for tower of the millennium) was a vantage point built in 2001 in Gedinne, Belgium just meters away from the French border.

The tower consisted of two tripods fitted together (one upright, one upside down) with three different viewing platforms (at 15 m, 30 m and 45 m). The total height of the tower (including the spire) was 60 m. The legs of the tripods were the stems of Douglas-fir trees found in the surrounding forest, held together by a steel construction.

It topped the plateau of the Croix-Scaille, a forest of around 90 square kilometres that was used by the Resistance during World War II. The plateau is at 503 m the highest point in the Ardennes (excluding the High Fens which is sometimes defined as being in the Ardennes) and the fourth highest summit in Belgium.

It was dismantled due to woodrot on July 7, 2008.[1]


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