Tourette (automobile)

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Manufacturer Progress Supreme Co Ltd.
Production 1956–1958 (26 produced)
Body and chassis
Class Microcar
Body style Roadster
Engine 197 cc

The Tourette was a microcar by Carr Brothers (later Progress Supreme Co Ltd) of Purley, London, England between 1956 and 1958.

It had a three-wheeled, rounded body that was available either in alloy on an ash frame, or in fibreglass. The car was powered by a two-stroke 197 cc Villiers engine driving through a four-speed gearbox with optional Dynastart reverse. Top speed was claimed to be 55 mph (89 km/h). The single rear wheel was mounted in a pivotel fork. Front-wheel movement was controlled by hydraulically damped spring units. Final drive was by chain. A single bench seat provided accommodation for two adults and a child with some luggage space behind the seat.

Approximate weight, fully equipped, was 500 lb (230 kg). Fuel tank capacity was 2.25 imperial gallons (10.2 L; 2.7 US gal).

Tourette Supreme.jpg

In 1958, the purchase price (including purchase tax), was £386 10s 5d (£386.52). Only 26 are believed to have been produced.

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